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27th February 2020

Titan Ridge macOS Firmware Release: Download Now

In a shock twist of events, DSM2 has released his firmware and it is now available to the general public. DSM2 was contacted by Gigabytes lawyers according to one of his customers and he has refunded the payment of any of the orders placed.

Click Here To Download Firmware

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Earlier in the week, we posted an article about the Firmware however DSM2 had kept it under lock and key going as far to only sell 20 cards all under an NDA. We have purchased a Titan Ridge card and will follow up with a how-to guide next week.

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27th February 2020

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  • Question – because the 5,1 Mac Pro is limited by PCIe 2.0 and this appears as only a x4 card – is the limit of the bandwidth capped at ~16Gbps and not actually possible of hitting full Thunderbolt 3.0 speeds? Thanks Joe

      • Thanks for the reply @George. Also have a quick question – because TB3 has display out capability – can it be assumed this would allow external monitors and EFI booting to observe the display out and select OS… Thanks Joe

        • Haven’t been hands-on with the Titan Ridge card but even if it does normally support passthrough it’s unlikely it would on Mac. However, we will see tomorrow hopefully. We’ve got one on next day delivery.

  • George – just a note – I downloaded the files, read the thread complete. It’s a bit over my head, and I’ve been at this a while. When you make your step by step, talk slooooow…. I’ve also ordered the card – hoping to use this with Universal Audio Apollo.

  • An update to the Titan Ridge card:

    Firmware loaded no problem and we’ve installed the OpenCore EFI & Thunderbolt Card Drivers.

    We can confirm that we have external storage working as well as display passthrough. We’ve had a Lacie drive and LG Ultrafine display running together.

    There are some slight kinks we’re currently looking into, nothing major we just need to find the correct configuration needed to ensure consistency.

    We’ve ordered a Thunderbolt 3 SSD enclosure so we can provide test speeds of the connection. We anticipate 1,500MB/s to be the maximum as that is the internal maximum.

    Once we have this all together we will provide a video and written guide explaining every step required.

    • George.
      It would be very useful for many of us to explain step by step how to use OpenCore as your Bootloader with the custom ssdt.
      kind regards friend. (i have two cards here from DSM2)


    • No, you can’t flash this ROM via Gigabyte Tool.
      To Flash a Firmware it has to be signed. Any modification of the Firmware will result in the firmware update failing. Even if you force the firmware to be flashed via an external flasher, the next boot will see the controller in “safe mode”.

  • def following this, I have the card working on my 5.1 but using the soft boot, would help a ton to just be able to boot and it not crash if my interface goes off etc

    • Could you direct me to where you learned how to get it working on a 5,1 with a softboot? I’ve installed Windows 10 pro on a SSD drive and the Thunderbolt Control Center shows UAD-2 Apollo Twin connected. The Device manager shows the UAD-2 software loaded and working. I just can’t get the UAD-2 Meter and Control Panel to see the TB Apollo Twin.

  • George
    It would be very useful for many of us to explain step by step how to use OpenCore as your Bootloader with the custom ssdt.
    kind reagards friend

  • I hope that someone will offer me a brand new card that has already been flashed and that I only have to pay via paypal and the card will then be sent by post. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’ve flashed the new bios on the card, installed DSM’s OpenCore, booted as per instruction in the OpenCore guide, I can confirm REL-056-2020-03-02 is loaded, but when I look in system information under thunderbolt I see message no drivers are loaded. Any suggestions?

  • Can a titan ridge rev 1 firmware 43 be recognized in thunderbolt control center? I’m stuck. usb and usb c work but no thunderbolt on my mac pro 5,1? Thanks to Help!!!!

  • I was trying to unzip th open file and it says “undefined error” so I tried open it with The Unarchiver and it did open but threw me “Datat is corrupted”. is this rom still good to go?

  • Hi community, How do I do the Firmware ? I am running Mojave on my Mac Pro 5,1 Boot ROM,
    I don’t run windows 10, I just turn my Mac Pro and wait minutes and sometimes it can take 30 minute for the thunderbolt to work and my Thunderbolt Display turns on.
    So will this update has to have windows running first? or What should I do?,
    I have Alpine Ridge, RX 480 GPU.
    Help , Thanks

  • Has anyone had any issues with the alpine ridge card on a mac 5,1 cheese grader? The card was flashed and Warm boot works fine, audio works fine, however as soon as i try and run pro tools sessions on pro tools 2020 it immediately gives me -9173 error about cpu running out of power. I just bought an A1289 2.4ghz 12 core with 64gb of ram on High Sierra. There is no way i should be running out of power haha. I feel like it has something to do with the alpine ridge card/thunderbolt and it not being native?

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