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31st March 2015

Nvidia GTX TITAN X 12GB in the Mac Pro 5,1: 2 TITAN X GPUs in one Mac Pro, most powerful CUDA graphics card ever

GTX TITAN X 12GB in Mac Pro

The most powerful CUDA GPU ever built meets the Mac Pro, plus awesome OpenCL performance, 1 internally powered Nvidia GTX TITAN X or 2 using external power

We are huge fans of the original Nvidia GTX TITAN GPU at Create Pro, as well as the updated Nvidia GTX TITAN Black card. We weren’t so big on the TITAN Z as it’s triple slot setup wasn’t ideal for the Mac Pro.
With Nvidia’s latest release, however, they have won our hearts like never before. The Nvidia GTX TITAN X 12GB is quite simply the greatest GPU we have ever encountered. It combines by far the best CUDA performance we have ever seen with quite frankly astounding OpenCL performance, especially for an Nvidia GPU.


Nvidia GTX TITAN X in the Mac Pro 5,1Put simply, the Nvidia GTX TITAN X is the undisputed king of CUDA. We have never seen a card this powerful. When testing CUDA performance we typically use an Octane Render benchmark test, as this application in particular is great for unveiling true CUDA performance due to its super tight integration.

The original GTX TITAN, which was no slouch when it came to CUDA, took 1 minute and 40 seconds to complete the Octane Render benchmark test.

The TITAN X? It absolutely demolished all competition by clocking in a blistering time of just 1 minute and 10 seconds. Simply breathtaking.

How about 2 Nvidia TITAN X graphics cards installed in a CUBIX PCI-e Xpander? Just 35 seconds. Check out the videos below to see both setups annihilate the CUDA benchmark test.

Mac Pro with internal Nvidia GTX TITAN 12GB running Octane Render Benchmark

Mac Pro with 2x Nvidia GTX TITAN 12GB in CUBIX PCI-e Xpander running Octane Render Benchmark

GTX TITAN X OpenCL Performance

Best CUDA card for Mac ProNvidia graphics cards haven’t always been known for their OpenCL performance, recent cards such as the GTX 970 & GTX 980 are strong performers however. The TITAN X on the other hand is another story altogether when it comes to OpenCL.
Lets look at the top spec AMD GPU configuration for the Mac Pro 6,1. The dual D700 6GB GPUs (based on the AMD 7970s) will score 3,500 in the LuxMark Sala benchmark test (higher is better).
In LuxMark Sala a single Nvidia GTX TITAN X will score an astonishing 3,100. If you use 2 externally? A massive 6,200. Keep in mind that you could also pair the external setup with another internal card for potential scores above 8,000. Quite impressive we think!
Check the screenshots below for exact scores.

Mac Pro with internal Nvidia GTX TITAN 12GB running LuxMark OpenCL BenchmarkNvidia GTX TITAN X 12GB OpenCL LuxMark Sala Benchmark Result

Mac Pro with 2x Nvidia GTX TITAN 12GB in CUBIX PCI-e Xpander running LuxMark OpenCL Benchmark2x Nvidia GTX TITAN X in Mac Pro LuxMark OpenCL Benchmark

We are pleased to announce that we are now installing the Nvidia GTX TITAN X 12GB in our Mac Pro systems. Please call us for details on 020 3770 9660 or email

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    • Hi there,
      That’s strange that we got different times! I think this different is still quite big for professional users. TITAN X also uses much less power & is very, very good at OpenCL. 🙂
      We think it’s the best GPU currently available.

  • How dose it preform with FCPX a 12 core
    MacPro5,1, 6-Core Intel Xeon, 2.93 GHz
    I currently have a single 7970 and as FCPX is my main game I would like to boost FCPX’s performance.

  • Hi, I have a Mac Pro 5.1 and want to install a Titan X, but is it possible to flash it with EFI without being a computer-expert? I am from Cologne/Germany and the cards from MacVideoCards from USA for example are almost twice as expensive, because of shipping, VAT and fees. Kind regards, Richard

    • Hi Richard,
      You will not be able to find the EFI online as it is not publicly available, and you would also need a PC and some knowledge to flash it. We can supply the TITAN X, non EFI, with a partner card, GT120, which has a Mac EFI. This way you get all EFI functions as well as the power of the TITAN X. If you are interested then send me an email at Alternatively we can provide the GTX 970, 980 & 980ti with Mac EFI.
      Hope that helps,

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