Upgrade Your Workstation

Upgrading your system can allow you to get back those minutes lost every day waiting for your system to process. Be it cutting downtime transcoding those RAW video files and having a system that will run them latency-free to the ability to run those large Pro Tools sessions without everything grinding to a halt.

Upgrade A Mac Pro

Why Upgrade With Us

Upgrade You Way?

Every upgrade has a choice of service options to ensure your upgrade is done as smoothly as possible with the least amount of downtime. We provide upgrades at our warehouse, on-site with MacFinder technicians and self-performed.

Industry Leading Warranty

All of our upgrades come with our unparalleled warranty. Telephone, email and remote connection support from our in-house Apple Certified technicians included.

High Quality Components

Every component we sell passes through our strict 30 point hardware diagnosis tests and 24 hours of stress testing.

Key Upgrade Parts

Processor Upgrades

The processor is one of the essential components which make up your computer. No matter what field you work in the CPU is vital to a smooth work flow.

Memory Upgrades

Having the correct amount of RAM is critical to performance. In short, RAM is the middle man between your storage and processor. Low RAM means low performance when using large project files.

Graphics Card Upgrades

Video editors, colour graders and graphics professionals need a rock-solid graphics card. Upgrading your graphics card can cut down render times, reduce scrubbing latency and significantly speed up your workflow. Don’t miss deadlines, beat them and complete projects quicker.

Upgrade Your Mac Pro

Have a Mac Pro that needs upgrading?

  • Built bespoke to your needs
  • Industry-leading 3 year warranty
  • Built by Apple Certified Technicians

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