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27th November 2015

The Fastest Mac Pro Storage Solution Available: 4x Samsung SM951 on 1 PCIe card for 2TBs of 5,700MB/s read & write speeds

The fastest storage option for the mac pro 5,1 2TB of flash storage with 5700MBs read and write speeds

2TBs of Samsung SM951 flash storage in a RAID 0 formation for 5.7GB/s read & write speeds

To kick off our new video series we’re super excited to bring you the fastest ever Mac Pro storage solution. By combining 4x 512GB Samsung SM951 flash storage blades on a single PCIe 2.0 x16 card in a RAID 0 formation we present a total of 2TBs flash storage with incredible read & write speeds of 5,700MB/s.
Of course, a single 512GB Samsung SM951 flash storage blade has read & write speeds of 1,500MB/s, already blistering quick. But this thing just takes performance to a whole new level. 5,700MB/s is more than 10x faster than a 2.5″ SSD and nearly 6x faster than the flash storage featured on the Mac Pro 6,1.
This sort of storage speed will supercharge the workflow of any professional user, super quick boot times, apps will launch faster than ever, basically anything stored on this drive will perform at it’s absolute best.
If you’re a user of apps like Pro Tools, Logic, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe CC Suite, REDCINE-X, Final Cut Pro X, or just about any other pro app out there. This is the ultimate storage upgrade for the Mac Pro.
Oh, and it’s fully bootable.
Check the video below for more information:

Stay tuned for more videos & tests with this awesome bit of Mac Pro storage kit.

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  • Hi,
    I have an upgraded Mac Pro 4.1 to a 5.1.
    There is a Pro Tools HDX card in it and a Universal Audio 2 Octo card. I only have 1 PCI 4x slot free.
    Now 2TB is ridiculous for my audio apps. 1TB would be more than sufficient,
    Can that be arranged?

  • TRIM can be enabled on third-party drives in El Capitan. After backing up data, launch Terminal from /Applications/Utilities/ and enter the following command string:
    sudo trimforce enable

  • Hi Tom,
    Please let me know which version of SM951 you are using for the card? It is AHCI or Nvme? And how to distingush AHCI and NVMe when purchase online? Is there any sign, symbol on the label for that ?
    Thank you

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