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Upgrade Your Mac Pro 4,1 / 5,1 Today!

27th January 2017

If you’ve been considering the option of upgrading your Mac Pro recently then this blog post is dedicated to you. Below is a list of all the upgrade options we offer, for your 4,1 or… Read more »

Bringing the TITAN X to the Mac Pro 6,1 with the help of a Thunderbolt eGPU

7th December 2016

We are all aware that with the Mac Pro 6,1 any expansion that you want to do has to be done externally. With the amount of professional applications now on offer, the need for external… Read more »

Nvidia's new Pascal GPUs put to the test with DaVinci Resolve

8th November 2016

When Nvidia announced the release of the 10XX series graphics cards, like many people we sat waiting for release day and did all we could to get our hands on them! But then we had… Read more »

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