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2nd December 2014

Official Apple Flash Storage for Mac Pro 5,1 with Native TRIM enabled: Up to 2TB Flash SSD RAID

Mac Flash Storage with Native Trim RAID

Want native TRIM on your Mac Pro 5,1? We’ve got you covered. Want a 2TB Flash Storage RAID? We’ve got that too.
After a little bit of fiddling around we are happy to bring official, native TRIM enabled, Apple flash SSDs to the Mac Pro 5,1. We can offer 250GB, 500GB and 1TB blades and install them on the Mac Pro’s PCI-E slots using custom adapters for super fast speeds. Native TRIM is fully supported, even when we RAID two cards on two separate slots together. If you need super fast, high capacity, no fuss flash storage then these are the SSDs for you.
As you would expect, speeds are breathtaking. In a striped RAID configuration two 1TB blades will write at 1750MB/s and read at 2100MB/s. This is twice the speed and twice the size of the quickest storage option in the Mac Pro 6,1. Single blade speeds are also impressive, writing at 975MB/s and reading at 1100MB/s. Both setups utilise native TRIM support.
If you want to spend more time creating and less time loading and exporting files then flash storage is a no brainer. Whether you’re into audio, video or still images, upgrading you’re storage setup is a surefire way to give your system a speed boost.
For more information or to build a system featuring official Apple flash storage give Richard or Charles a call on 01473 603872 or email . The blades in question are also now available on ourĀ ‘Configure your Mac Pro‘ page.
Check out the screen grabs below if you need a little evidence.
2TB Apple Flash Storage SSD RAID Mac Pro 5,11TB Apple Flash Storage SSD Mac Pro 5,12TB Apple Flash Storage SSD RAID config Mac Pro 5,1Apple Flash Storage Native TRIM Mac Pro 5,1Apple Flash Storage Native TRIM Mac Pro 5,1 img 2

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