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10th February 2016

How to Install a Standard PC Nvidia GTX GPU in a Mac Pro: Using an unflashed GTX TITAN X, 980 Ti, 980, 970 or 960 in a Mac Pro

How to Install a Standard PC Nvidia GTX GPU in a Mac Pro- Using an unflashed GTX TITAN X, 980 Ti, 980, 970 or 960 in a Mac Pro

Guide to using unflashed Nvidia GTX 9XX GPUs in a classic Mac Pro.

In this guide we will show you how to save money, time, and keep your workflow rock solid by installing one of Nvidia’s latest GPU’s in your classic 2009/2010/2012 Mac Pro 5,1 or 4,1.
Following this guide you will be able to install a GPU purchased from anywhere, not just us or another Mac Pro GPU reseller.
The following method will provide you with a fully working Nvidia GPU in OS X, with GPGPU acceleration and all. The only omission will be the Apple logo on bootup, this will not be visible due to the fact that the Nvidia driver needs to load up before the display will enable (post boot). This shouldn’t be a problem for any user as long as you have a spare native Apple GPU for the rare situations in which you may need a boot screen (we supply a native Apple GT120 GPU with every Nvidia card purchased from us). You will not need this extra card for day to day use, however. You may need the boot screen functionality in rare situations requiring safe mode or verbose mode, for example.
Before you install your shiny new Nvidia GTX 9XX GPU, you just need to follow these 10 simple steps using your native Apple GPU:

  1. You will need to be running either OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
  2. Make sure you have updated your OS X edition of choice to the latest version using Apple Software Update. This includes all security updates.
  3. Go to and search for the drivers >Quadro>Quadro Series>Quadro K5000 for Mac>YOUR OS X Version>Search (As shown in the image below).
  4. Download and install the driver, follow the instructions including restarting the Mac Pro.
  5. Go to System Preferences and check the Nvidia driver manager pane, on the third tab (updates) click update to ensure your on the latest version. (Repeat this for the CUDA for Mac driver if you also installed this, CUDA driver can be found here). (As shown in image below).
  6. Shutdown your Mac Pro.
  7. Remove the native Apple GPU (such as GT120, ATI 5770 or 5870).
  8. Connect the power cables for your new Nvidia GTX 9XX series GPU if needed. (Most GTX GPUs use 1x 6 pin and 1x 8 pin, we always include the correct cables for Mac Pro installation with GPUs purchased from us).
  9. Once the new GPU is installed, connect your display and turn on the Mac Pro.
  10. You will see a black screen until the Mac Pro has booted and the Nvidia driver has been loaded into OS X. (Shown in image below).

After following the steps above, you should now be back into OS X and able to use your super-powerful Nvidia GTX TITAN X, 980 Ti, 980, 970 or 960 GPU.

Please see the images below for visual explanations of steps 3, 5 and 10:

Step 3: Step 3 in installing an unflashed Nvidia GTX 9XX GPU in a classic Mac Pro
Step 5:Step 5 in installing an unflashed Nvidia GTX 9XX GPU in a classic Mac Pro
Step 10:Step 10 in installing an unflashed Nvidia GTX 9XX GPU in a classic Mac Pro

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  • How are the power draw from these handled? 8pin+6pin should be able to handle a 300W draw.
    The classic Mac Pro has 75W from PCI-slot and 2x75W from the dual 6-pins.
    Do you draw 75W from the lower 5.25″ bay or mod the PSU with extra 8-pin cables?
    Cheers for the blog!

    • Hi Kristian,
      The simple answer is that in OS X, when being used in pro apps (Adobe CC Suite, FCPX, OctaneRender, DaVinci etc.) these cards will never draw more than 225W power. Basically, GPGPU (CUDA/OpenCL) has a very low power draw. The only time you may run into power issues is when gaming in Windows, in this case we would recommend slightly downclocking the cards.
      I hope that helps.

      • For powering the Titan X do you simply use the two 6-pin cables that come with the Mac (since 8-pin connections are downwards compatible to 6-pin) or do you use a 6-pin to 8-pin cable for the 8-pin connector on the Titan X?

          • Check the cable length required for the new board. In my case, the original cable might have worked if it had been about 6″longer, but the new board had power inputs on the long side, and more than one of them, which necessitated buying a new cable. Not expensive, but not easy to find, either.

    • I played it safe. I bought an EVGA modular power supply and jumpered the pins so that it thought power was on. I connected two video power cables to the PSU and snaked them into the case though an empty PCI slot opening. Running a Gigabyte GTX 980 Gaming card. Room for another on the PSU and in the Mac Pro 5,1. I keep the PSU switched on. I have the Mac set to NOT update MacOS, nor to reboot after power failure. I religiously shutdown Mac and then hit switch on power strip that handles Mac and EVGA PSU. To start up i reverse the process. This way there is always power available for the card(s).
      Web driver work in Sierra. Card also works great in Windows 10 under Bootcamp.

  • I had seen you have to set boot flags to =1 in some cases. Would I have to do that to, or just follow these steps and be fine.
    Mac Pro 5,1, looking to install a PNY GeForce GTX 970 4GB Rev 2.

        • Hi Brandon
          Unfortunately not. The Mac Pro doesn’t supply enough power to be able to run both the 1080Ti and the AMD 5770 in parallel.
          If you did you would be under powering both cards and would cause the machine to crash under load.

          • and what about a radeon 5770 (108w) and a GTX 970 (145w). Both plugged on the same Screen with (of course different ports). One is used only to have boot screen then switched to the other for game under bootcamp or work under after effect with Cuda activated and all ? what do you think ? sounds good ?

          • You’re really running on the edge of power there. The power draw you have there is based on idle.
            I wouldn’t recommend running anything more than just the 970 on its own to be stable.
            Most people get their hands on the GT120 for the boot screen but that has made them rare to come across. eBay would be your best source for one.
            Many thanks

  • Hi,
    all of this info is super helpful. Quick question though, will this card run optimally if using (2) 6 pin PCI e connectors instead of (1) 6 and (1) 8?

  • hi!
    I have a 12core mac pro 5.1 and recently bought a titan x to upgrade my machine. the problem is that the titan x doesn’t load. i’m using internal power supply with one 6to8 pin pcie adapter. I alresdy use a non flashed gtx 970 with no problems. the geforce on the card turns on but i only get black screen…. I’d appretiaite some help!

  • A tip:
    I bought a MacPro 5,1 with GTX980 (and GT120) from you in March. Since then I have performed several updates, some of which result in a black screen because Apple have tinkered with the drivers. To get round this, as well as switching off and swapping the GPU for the GT120, another way is to use the “Share Screen” function from another networked Mac. This displays the log-in screen, and allows you to access, download and update the Nvidia drivers without having to dig the MacPro out of the rack.
    It works for me …

  • First of all, thank you so much for your positive declaration that a Mac Pro 2009 5.1 is good to go for installing the macOS Sierra system. Like many people I have invested time and money upgrading my System only to be
    informed that Apple was about to consign my proud `new` machine to the knackers yard!!! Your news has given me so much confidence, that I have purchased a GTX 1080 Founders Edition card. If and when dear old Nvidia creates the Mac drivers for this speedster it will certainly be the icing on the cake for me. What started out as a very modest early 2009 Mac Pro has almost closed the gap on the shiny Trash Can Pro performance!
    Many thanks

  • Thanks for this useful article.
    If I understand correctly you’re saying it’s possible to use “unflashed” graphics cards on a Mac Pro (eg. I have a 4,1 model).
    In looking at the Nvidia website and I don’t see any Mac OS listed in their drop down menus (same as in your STEP 3…even though it is in your screenshot). I was looking at the GTX970?
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Alan
      All the drivers are located under >Quadro>Quadro Series>Quadro K5000 for Mac
      If you follow step three you will find all the drivers.
      Once you click to select your operating system if you click show all operating systems you will see all the versions appear.
      Cheers George

  • Very useful guide. I followed it and was able to get my 980 Ti card working on my Mac Pro (Mid-2012, Model ID 5.1). However, even though I get working video output, I’m unable to select my display (TV) as an HDMI audio output source. Have you been able to get HDMI Audio Output working using this card?

  • Have a mac pro 5.1 running OSX 10.12.1
    Installed a new gtx 980 ti using the latest drivers cuda 8.0.53 and quadro geoforce 158f03. graphics work great in either DP or HDMI connection, but I get absolutely no audio. the monitor is no longer listed as an audio output device, and in system/hardware/audio: there is no listing anywhere for either HDMI or Display port as an audio source.
    so the bottom line is that i get great 4K video, but no sound.
    Any ideas how to remedy this?
    Here is one crazy thing i noticed, I replace the original ATI HD 5770 to get my sound back, but left the Nvidia drivers on the mac. those drivers are running the HD5770 at 4K with no issues and sound!!! How is that possible for a non 4K rated video card to run 4k with another mfg driver?
    that question is just for curiosity, what i really want to fix is the sound on the GTX 980ti.
    all help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  • I’m wondering if you can help me remedy some behavior we’ve been experiencing at the studio with a similar setup.
    Every so often while using video card heavy workflows (editing 6k video, rendering composite vfx) we’ll experience what we’ve been calling BSOD, or, the “black screen of death”. Basically, everything just locks up for one second, then the screens go black. The machine becomes totally unresponsive, and requires a reboot. You can’t screen share. No sleep-mode wake up. Nothing.
    We first tried addressing the issue by having our GTX 980’s flashed with the correct firmware through a service provided by This gave us our Apple logo back on startup, but did not seem to improve the regularity of BSOD occurrences.
    We were then lead to believe that perhaps it was a power supply issue, where heavy tasks we’re basically cooking the motherboard and causing the machine to seize up. So we purchased external power supplies to run as dedicated power to the card. It seems to have helped reduce the amount of BSOD occurrences slightly, but not completely eliminating them.
    We’re currently on the latest release of Adobe software using the 2017 versions of Premiere and After Effects heavily.
    Any help/insight would be much appreciated!
    Here’s our setup:
    Model: Mac Pro (Mid 2012)
    OS: 10.11.5
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 (4096M MB)
    Processor: 2 x 2.66GHz 6-core Intel Xeon
    Ram: 128GB DDR3
    Power Supply: Corsair CX Series CX750M
    We have the latest NVIDIA and CUDA Updates installed.

  • Hi Guys,
    I have installed a GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 970 XTREME in MacPro of course with all current drivers but the screen remains black. Can anyone help me? Thank you so much!
    This is a Google translation

  • Excuse me, forget my system specify: MacPro 5.1 2010 mid 12 core 2.66 GHz, 24GB memory.
    And the new graphics card has two 8-pin power connectors.
    Entschuldige,vergessen mein System angeben: MacPro 5.1 2010 Mitte 12 Core 2,66 GHz, 24GB Arbeitsspeicher.
    Und die neue Grafikkarte hat zwei 8 Pol Stromanschlüsse.

  • Hi there, I’ve a question regarding a tower I got from you guys last year.
    Currently 1x 980ti (6gb) fitted in there, but I’d liked to add another 980ti or a 1070. My question is, do you think it would be better to fit the new card in the 2x slots I have free, and change the PSU, or will the cards be too close together and potentially overheat? So the second option would be to put the new card in an external chassis, and link to PCIe, with it’s own power.
    Which if either do you think is the better option?
    Thanks a lot, Alex

    • Hi Alex
      We do not recommend running two GPUs internally. Running too much power through the logicboard and having that heat inside your system is not a good idea.
      Using an external GPU chassis is a better choice and dependent on your OS you can run up to three cards if you have the space in your chassis.
      Before you purchase a 1070 be aware that the Pascal cards are not supported yet so your system won’t run with the 1070 installed.
      Cheers George

  • Thanks for the informative post. Will this apply to earlier models as well? I have a Mac Pro 1.1 2006 running Yosemite 10.10…trying to install an nvidia gtx 980. Thx in advance. Q

    • Hi Quincy
      We have not tested the cards in the 1,1 and 2,1 systems.
      Considering you are using a version of OSX which has been slightly modified to run on the system anyway it is unlikely but the only way you will find out is giving it a go.
      Do let us know if you do try it!

  • Hello,
    I followed your guide to install my NVIDIA GTX 980 on my Mac Pro 5.1 (late 2012) about a year ago, maybe less. I had everything working great, even audio over HDMI with a few kexts I found. Whenever I had an OS update I’ve always been able to swap the native card back in, install driver updates, and good to go again. But I updated to 10.12.2, and now I get a black screen on startup, as if the display simply doesn’t recognize the GPU. I swapped back in the AMD card and confirmed my NVIDIA web driver and CUDA drivers were both up to date, but it’s still not working. Any ideas? By the way thanks for the guide and thanks in advance for the help!

  • I installed and ran a GTX 960 on my MacPro Tower for the last 10 months. Then today I installed a software update and these Nvidia drivers are no longer compatible with my computer. I cannot reinstall the drivers either. It gives me an error message “Mac OS X version is not compatible”.
    I reached out to Nvidia chat support and they simply told me the GTX 960 is not supported by Nvidia running on a Mac.
    Buyer beware, this is not a stable solution for better graphics performance! I hope at some point soon a new software update from Nvidia or Apple will make using my card possible again.

      • Hi George
        I am running OSX 10.11.6
        on a Mac Pro (Mid 2012 333 6core
        I am trying to install a GTX 960
        I installed the cuda drivers without problem, but when I followed the instructions (for my osx) I was given the same error, that it was incompatible with my operating system.
        Any help? I tried several times.

          • George,
            Am I missing something? Did you read my post? I am running 10.11.6 which is higher than 10.10.
            So My question still stands, how to get the installer to install. I even downloaded multiple installers hoping one of them would install, and then I could update.

          • System Version: OS X 10.11.6 (15G1212)
            Kernel Version: Darwin 15.6.0
            Boot Volume: SSD BOOT DRIVE
            Boot Mode: Normal

          • George,
            That seems to have worked! yeah.
            What did you have to do that I didn’t?
            Thanks for your help and quick response.

          • Hi George
            Well I got my new power cable for my GTX960 today, and the first few attempts wouldn’t boot, So I swapped cards reinstalled the driver, then swapped cards again before allowing the computer to restart, and Bingo I now have a display.
            So is there any controls to change this cards performance? ie shading, etc. the web driver under the control panel doesn’t do much of anything, and the display pref didn’t do anything different either.
            Thanks again

  • Hi, thank you for this guide!
    Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to make this work.
    I have a 2,66 GHz Quad-Core MacPro4,1 and am trying to get a ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 980 AMP! Omega running.
    I’ve tried it on three different operating systems: Sierra, El Capitan and now on Yosemite but unfortunately the system doesn’t recognize the graphics card that is plugged into Slot-1 (x16).
    I tried the Quadro web drivers as well as the exact drivers for my system build but none of them work. Once NVIDIA Web driver recognized the graphics card in Slot-1 when my old GT-120 was plugged into Slot-4 but it didn’t recognize it as a GTX 980 but just as a graphics card with 256 MB VRAM.
    Right now my configuration is:
    OS X 10.10.5 (14F27)
    ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 980 AMP! Omega powered via PCI and 2x 6-pin to 8-pin- power cables from the mainboard.
    NVIDIA web driver: 346.02.03f01
    CUDA driver version: 6.5.51
    I’d be really glad if someone could help me – I’ve been trying to make this work for a week now. Thanks!

    • Hi Francis
      So you have installed your Nvidia drivers with the GT120 installed?
      For safe measure remove the gt120 plug your display into the 980.
      If your system boots everything is setup correctly you should find that about this mac will show your 980.
      Does your system not boot at all with the 980 in or is it just not showing up?
      I would also not recommend running that card due to power draw. The graphics card when under full load will but pulling over 300w.
      Doing so for prolonged time can cause damage to your logic board and cause it to burn out or short. You may in the short term experience crashes when pushed over the maximum load as the card will by attempting to pull more power than is available.
      Many thanks

      • Hi George,
        thanks for your response!
        I’ve already tried removing the GT120 and plugging the display into the 980 but the system doesn’t boot at all. The fans are running and I hear the hard drives working but the screen stays black. According to the data sheet it should only pull up to 200W:
        Any idea what I could be doing wrong?
        Otherwise I’d have to sell the card again. Do you have any suggestions for another card for my Mac Pro 2009?

      • I’d like to chime in with a similar issue installing a 980 Ti into my 2010 Mac Pro. Like most everyone else here this article gave me the confidence to get a higher powered card. I bought the EVGA 980 Ti Kingpin edition, and yes I know it draws way more power: 1 6pin and 2 8pin connectors, *so*, I bought a EVGA 750w BQ PSU solely to power the card. I downloaded and installed the latest web drivers and coda drivers that were available as of yesterday. Weird thing is, when I fully connect all the ports of the card to the PSU – black screen. I use an iMac to screenshare to diagnose and the CUDA preference pain says No GPU Detected. The fan on the PSU hasn’t spun once and in fact I can’t even tell that it’s working unless I use the testing connector, and then the fan will spin, but only then. To contrast this, I plugged in the mac’s 2 6pin connectors to the 6pin port, and one of the 8pin ports on the kingpin, and then used a 2x15pin data to 6pin cable to plug into the remaining 8pin port. So 4 pins still not connected I know, but when I boot under that configuration, still black screen but through screenshare I see the CUDA preference pain doesn’t give me the No GPU Detected warning and the system report shows an Nvidia Card connected, but with only 256mb of VRAM like Francis is experiencing. The lights on the kingpin light up and do their color dance regardless, but I’m assuming it’s getting enough power to do that through the PCIE slot. I take all of this to mean that perhaps the PSU is faulty and not supplying any power? Does that seem right? I plan to return the PSU for another one but we’re in the midst of a blizzard here in NY right now. Any Insight would be greatly appreciated!

        • Problem solved… didn’t realize that the test plug needs to be plugged in permanently when using a second psu for powering the graphics card only… once I did that, turned on the psu and *then* the mac I was in business… they really should mention that in the psu manual.

          • Hi Simon
            You have to do this because the PSU unit is designed to be plugged into a PC. It’s not actually designed for what you are using it for.
            However, it works none the less!
            Many thanks

  • Hi,
    I’m trying to use a GTX 680 on a MacPro 5,1 with El Capitan.
    Right now I only have a single 6pin cable, so only of them is connected.
    I’m using a DVI to HDMI adapter cable.
    I did not install any driver because my understanding is that the GTX 680 is supported out of the box (except that I have not flashed yet, so I can’t get the boot screen just yet)
    When I boot the Mac I can hear the chime sound, and I’m pretty sure it does boots, just that the screen is black.
    Is it because of the missing 6pin cable? Or is it because I need to install drivers?
    Unfortunately I don’t have other system to test, so any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks, Antonio

  • Hello George, thank you for the great tip. I currently run a GTX680 in my mid-2012 Mac Pro. The gain in performance isn’t really mind-blowing but it allows to work with AE plug-ins that rely on Cuda cores. I’m considering an upgrade and looking at the conversation above, it seems that the limit for a beefier GPU is limited by power supply. Would a 1070 with 8Gb (Founders edition) work? The specs say that it only draws 150w of power…

  • I’m having issues installing the quadro k5000 for mac driver. It says that I have to be on 10.11.6 to install the driver. Which i currently am on 10.11.6.
    I am running a native supported GPU while trying this install.
    How do I bypass this?

  • I have a 980ti and a CMP 5,1 2×6 core 3.33Ghz 64GB ram, etc.
    I recently fried my system – not sure exactly how, but I am looking to put my 980ti SC back in my machine.
    The power connections/consumption is my biggest concern.
    Currently I have 2 – 6pin mini to 6pin cables converting to 1- 8pin connection & 2 – 15pin SATA converting to 1 – 6pin power cable.
    I’d feel a lot more comfortable NOT using the SATA connections, but that seems to be the only way to get another 6pin connection to my GPU (internally).
    My questions are:
    A) Did I fry my machine previously by drawing too much power?
    B) Can I run the GTX 980 ti on just 2 x 6pin connections and skip the 8pin?

    • Hi Nic
      A) Did I fry my machine previously by drawing too much power?
      Most likely yes, the SC version of the 980Ti does draw too much power. Had you experienced crashes before?
      B) Can I run the GTX 980 ti on just 2 x 6pin connections and skip the 8pin?
      To safely power the 980Ti SC version you need to use the SATA power and the dual 6 pin or you could get an additional PSU unit.

  • I’m running a MacPro4,1, installed a GTX980 SC it only has two 6 pins plugs. Left the original 120 card in slot 3 is that a problem? Installed the web driver and the CUDA driver and everything was ok. When I rebooted I got a message that the card was not CUDA compatible. Tried removing the original 120GT card and didn’t work.
    At the moment have the the two cards installed without the CUDA drivers and at least I have video. The GTX980 gets recognised by the system but can’t run any CUDA accelerated software such as Indigo Render or Blender.
    Any thoughts?
    Running El Capitan.

  • 2009 Mac pro. 4.1 to 5.1 firmware upgrade and went with the 2x 3.46 x5690 processors.
    My question is…
    I have heard that a pc card will only use pcie 1.0 speeds if not flashed ? Is this true ?
    Do i have to flash the card to get 2.0 speeds ?
    Will just installing the drivers do that ?
    All this is new to me any advise is welcome.
    -Looking at getting a gtx 980. I know power consumption is low and the card will get full power & not ruin motherboard.
    Do i need to flash to get 2.0 speeds ? Or does flashing just give boot screen ?
    Forgot to mention,
    El Captian 10.11.6 and i dont care about the boot screen either. Only that the card is using the 2.0 bandwidth.
    I dont switch boot drives often. When i do i go to system pref to switch the startup disk / power down / reboot. Plus ill keep the old hd 5870 card around for a backup.

    • Hi David
      The speed difference between PCI-e 1.0 and PCI-e 2.0 is incredibly small in real life scenarios.
      You do have to modify the card to get that small speed boost but it isn’t worth the loss in stability.
      As long as you get a standard GTX 980 power will not be an issue.
      Many thanks

  • Hey Guys! Finally joined this amazing place after a few months of learning. Nice to meet everyone.
    I got a new GTX 970 (ASUS/STRIX build) that I replaced my Radeon HD 6670 with. Now my Mac Pro (1,1>>2,1) won’t sleep anymore!! :/ By using DP port instead of HDMI, i can get the screens to sleep, but the System stays up. SOOO frustrating.
    Running El Cap 10.11.6. Any help or thread references appreciated – been scouring without anything concrete to attempt.
    Cheers gang!

  • Hello, Everyone
    I have a 2012 Mac Pro 12 Core 3.46ghz with GTX 980ti 1 6pin and 1 8Pin running 2x samsung 4K UE590, My Problem is I’m getting some artifacting, but my main concern is when i enable Cuda in premiere Pro 2017 CC i get drop frames using Cuda, But when i use OpenCL in Premiere Pro CC 2017 i don’t get drop frames? is there something I’m doing wrong? As well, in after effect i was able to add my 980ti to supported cards to the text file and its working, but I’m not able to find where would i add it in premiere pro 2017 to see if that helps enable cuda…………… Thanks

  • Hello! I have a GTX 980 in my 2010 Mac Pro, and I’m experiencing frequent (nonstop!) crashes while performing CUDA-intensive tasks. The machine’s primary purpose is as a Da Vinci Resolve workstation.
    Do you have any advice? I am currently updating from Yosemite to Sierra and re-installing the drivers. (Re-installing the current NVIDIA drivers did not make any difference, and the card is recognized by the Mac Os System Report).
    About to start the Sierra upgrade, fingers crossed. Thanks in advance!

  • Hey there,
    I have a MAC PRO 5.1 2.93ghz dual 6-core and I want to install an original NVIDIA TITAN 6GB video card. Will this card work with my mac or will it draw too much power from the logic board?

  • Hi,
    I have a macpro 5,1, replaced the 5770 with MSI GTX 970. But i lost the ability to select the boot manager, so pretty hard to dual boot to windows and come back to mac OS.
    So do i need another boot manager like Clover, or rEFInd ? Or simply buy an old GT120 card and just switch cable when i need to access the boot up menu ?

  • how do you plug in the 27 inch mac monitor display cord into the back of the titan?
    i cannot find an adapter that changes that into an hdmi
    please help

  • Is their away to dual boot my Mac 4.1 with a gigabyte gtx960. I was booting with the alt key pressed and choose hard drive, I have mountain lion on one and El Capitan on other because I need to keep legacy software which won’t run on newer OS but need newer to run latest Adobe cc and avid

    • Hi Jonathan,
      You will need a GT120 to plug in next to the GTX 960.
      With a display plugged into the GT120 you can alt boot into another drive.
      Alternatively you can boot into your OS then select the other drive as your boot drive and restart.
      Many thanks

  • I bought a EVGA 1050ti FTW I downloaded the drivers from nvidia for 10.11.6 and I get a black screen the system is booting I can access the comp from parallels or team viewer on another device/comp. I tried the gpu in another windows pc and works fine. Can your company’s service fix my issues?

  • Help!
    I have a Mac 3.1, I bought a GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 960, I downloaded the drivers and it worked. BUT this is the problem:
    – I turn the computer ON and sometimes the computer re-boots itself up to 4 times before getting into the OS.
    – I installed the latest apple updates and now the screen goes completely black, it sounds like the computer is in the phase when I have to put the password in order to get into the OS but the screen it’s just black. like, now doesn’t even recognize the video card… 🙁
    can anybody help me with this?

  • problems with a MacPro 5,1 with a Titan X (Maxwell) 12GB GDDR5 card –
    MacPro 5, 1 – 12 core
    32GB RAM 1333MHz
    Ran fine for about 6 weeks with this new card then suddenly started getting kernel panics where it just BSOD and restarts:
    1. swapped out RAM to 1066Mhz – 4 GB for testing – still fails on extended browser runs
    2. No programs open except for browser pages with heavy graphic use (news sites like CNN or LAtimes, etc. with lots of media) then card fires up and fan spools up)
    3. Crashes are intermittent with either RAM set now so defective RAM not the case?
    I’d hate to say its the card but any ideas? its just annoying….Thanks in advance.

  • I have 2012 MacPro and have worked with a Mac Quadro K5000 card for some three years. But now it does not want to boot anymore. It hangs during startup and I have isolated the problem to the card. It seems now that when NOT using the NVIDIA webdriver but the Mac’s own driver (Sierra latest version) the Mac hangs on startup. Putting back in the original ATI Radeon card immediately solves the problem. So it must be an issue with the Quadro and the Mac driver (vs the NVIDIA webdriver).
    Is there a way to somehow activate the webdriver during boot? I know I can switch to the Mac driver during boot but not vice versa?

  • I have a Mac Pro that I bought from Create Pro here in the UK. It has a flashed 980ti in slot 1, and this has worked great. I have now added a EVGA 970 REF edition to slot 3, and I’m powering that from an external 650W supply. The card is powering up, well at least the fans are spinning, but it’s not recognised properly by System Report, it says:
    NVIDIA Chip Model
    NVIDIA (0x10de)
    preset 1.0.0
    I’d like to use both cards with Octane Renderer, it doesn’t see the 970 either.
    Anything I can do or is it just a dud card?

    • Hi Mitch
      If everything is powered up correctly and functioning as should then my only assumption would be that there is an issue with the card.
      Have you tried removing your 980TI and installing the 970 as a standalone in the Mac Pro?

  • I purchased a EVGA GeForce GTX 970 ACX 2.0 (4GB GDDR5) SC Superclocked to use in my Mac Pro 4,1 firmwared to 5,1. but unfortunately for me the card will not work at all. I am currently using a Radeon pro 7870.
    The 970 is in my PC.
    Any help on getting it working in Mac.
    I have latest Nvidia drivers installed and am on High Sierra 10.13.
    Is is because I’m on 10.13 why it isnt working you think?

  • 2009 Mac pro. 4.1 >> 5.1/ 3.33 / 6-core CPU
    OS X 10.10.5 / latest updates
    GTX 960 driver: 346.02.03f14
    Hi there,
    replaced my Radeon with a GeForce GTX 960 2GB (1-6pin), downloaded the drivers you specified and followed your 10 simple steps – it worked, thanks for that!
    BUT this problem has been occurring: After initial boot in the morning (sometimes no chime), the Mac re-boots itself up to 3 times before getting into the OS. This also occurs when in sleep mode for over 1/2 an hour. It seems that the system forgets its settings and needs to re-boot. (batterie is fine, have reset PRAM SMC etc.)
    Checked the sys, drivers etc. all good. When the GTX 960 is up & running, I have no glitches or erratic behavior to report. The power consumption is normal during every day work.
    Also did some stress tests on GTX 960 – all check out fine.
    Should I try an different driver? Your input would be welcome!
    Many thanks

  • I just purchased a GTX 970 4 GB (GV-N970IX-4GD) for my Mac Pro 3,1 which currently has a Geforce 8800 GT 512 MB installed. I’m wondering how to power the new card? Is there a cable I’ll need to purchase and attach to the motherboard somewhere? Do I need an adapter? Thanks!

  • I have a MacPro (3.1) 8-Core early 2008, OS El Capitan 10.11.6 on SSD, 32 GM RAM
    What kind of card can I used into this mac? Which is the Crad with the most of speed/power/RAM whow I can use?
    Thank you in advance for answer,
    many thanks.

  • Hello,
    I followed your guide to install my NVIDIA GTX 980 on my Mac Pro 5.1 (late 2012) about a year ago, maybe less. I had everything working great, even audio over HDMI with a few kexts I found. Whenever I had an OS update I’ve always been able to swap the native card back in, install driver updates, and good to go again. But I updated to 10.12.2, and now I get a black screen on startup, as if the display simply doesn’t recognize the GPU. I swapped back in the AMD card and confirmed my NVIDIA web driver and CUDA drivers were both up to date, but it’s still not working. Any ideas? By the way thanks for the guide and thanks in advance for the help!

    • Hi Perry
      I’d say try an NVRAM reset just to completely flush the NVRAM out as the driver preference is stored within the NVRAM, and then set the drivers again. Also double double check that the drivers don’t need updating by going to System Preferences > NVIDIA driver manager > check for updates.
      Resetting NVRAM
      1. Shut down your Mac.
      2. Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command (⌘), Option, P, and R.
      3. Turn on your Mac.
      4. Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys immediately after you hear the startup sound.
      5. Hold these keys until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for a second time.
      6. Release the keys.
      Many thanks

  • Hi George,
    Thank you so much for posting all this info. I have a mid 2012 macpro running 10.13.1 and installed a GTX 980ti 6gb card. I installed the drivers and set nvidia as the default graphics card driver and ran the updates. I installed the card with one 6 pin-6pin power cable and one 6-pin – 8pin power cable. The card lights up and the computer turns on but the screen stays black as expected but never boots up. Is there anything else I can try? Use the 8pin-SATA power cable instead of 6pin – 8pin cable? I tried slots 1 and 3 on the logic board, maybe slot 2? It seems like the card works just computer is not seeing it.
    Thank you!

  • Hi, I just installed a GeForce GTX780 on my Mac Pro 4,1 running 10.11.6
    And it appears to be running slower than my original GT 120.
    I’m hoping for GPU accelerated improvements in Premiere Pro and After Effects. First tests show Premiere running sluggish. Do you know of any software settings I should be using.

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