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27th November 2014

How to hide OS X Yosemite update notification: Disable Yosemite upgrade reminder

How To Disable Yosemite Update

OS X Yosemite came with a whole load of cool features such as continuity and dark mode, but the update isn’t needed by everyone. Those who use their Mac system professionally may wish to hold off on the update as some apps and drivers may not yet be fully compatible with 10.10.
Apple, however, don’t like people lingering on old operating systems and bombard users with update notifications. This can become quite annoying seeing as there is no way to dismiss them without opening the App Store and then closing the program.
If you’re a pro user who is more comfortable on a tried and tested OS here’s how to stop the Yosemite update notifications for good. This will also help prevent you, or another user of your system, updating to 10.10 accidentally.

How to disable OS X Yosemite upgrade reminder using the Mac App Store

Disable Yosemite Update
1. Open up the App Store on your Mac system
2. Click the ‘Updates’ tab at the top of the page
3. Right click (or ctrl click) the Yosemite banner and select ‘Hide Update’
This process can be repeated with any other app in the App store. This method will not stop you updating to Yosemite in the future should the OS become more stable with time. To upgrade simply head to the purchases tab and download the OS X Yosemite system update.
Hopefully this helps the pro user’s, and those who are happy with their current OS X version, out there. We’ll keep you posted on any Yosemite updates that may make 10.10 more viable professionally.

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  • I followed the instructions carefully. On the App store site it acted as though it was making the change. On my computers (2), though, no change, even after rebooting. Stupid notification is still there.

  • I’ve done this once already and it worked like a charm, however today I got a new pop-up asking me to upgrade. I went to the appstore to do the steps to hide the notification only to see that the “Upgrade to Yosemite” banner hasn’t come back from the last time I did this.
    I just don’t understand why they can’t let people just keep what they have. I do NOT want to “upgrade” to Yosemite. Not now, not in the next year, maybe not in the next two years. For now, 10.9 is perfect for me both the way it functions, looks and feels. I’ll only “upgrade” when 10.9 becomes a serious security risk.

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