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OpenCore on 5,1 w/RX580 with two ACD, worked in “Update on” mode but. . .

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1 month, 1 week ago
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      AvatarRob D
      Mac User

      Hi Charles
      My 5,1 I got from you isn’t liking OpenCore and running two monitors. Got it all installed and upgraded to Catalina and both monitors were running.
      When I went to swap the EFI to the Dual Socket>Updates Off “EFI”, I lost my right monitor. I checked power supplies, cables etc so I went back to the Updates On “EFI”.
      Now when I try to boot up with just the right monitor in the left port, it won’t turn on either.
      If I plug the right monitor in the left port and the left monitor in the right port, I get the Catalina screen on the left monitor with no log in options, and the right monitor is still black.
      So now I’m just down to one monitor.


      Now neither monitor is working. I’ve tried all combinations of power supplies and plugging them into my MBP but nothing is working. Can two monitors kack out within hours of each other, seems very strange.

      Any ideas?


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      AvatarRob D
      Mac User

      Ya, so both monitors died, just by chance when I was working with OpenCore.
      Oh well I got 15 years out of both of them and one was still colour accurate.

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      Create Pro Staff

      Hi Rob,


      Which graphcis card do you have please? It is unlikely there is actually an issue with the displays at all.





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