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3 weeks, 2 days ago
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      Create Pro Staff

      Hi Charles, I’ve a couple of quick questions regarding your OC instructions.

      I have a MacPro 5,1 refurb bought from Create Pro which is still going strong – great machine. It’s a 3.33 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon with a RX 560 4 GB card. 

      I’d like to upgrade to Catalina from Mojave using your link at the top of this thread but am not sure whether to use the SINGLE or DUAL file? How can I tell if I have a SINGLE or a DUAL socket system?

      Then do I drag the whole GPU ACCELERATION folder into the OC Configurator along with the script? Or drag the EFI folder inside? 

      Nearly there, does using the new shortcut Bless OpenCore script mean that I no longer have to swap the “Updates on” with the “Updates off” folder (and vice-versa) after I’ve updated to Catalina? I can’t see the Update On/Off files in the new shortcut OC folder. 

      Finally, will this method only allow me to run Catalina or could I go straight to Big Sur? 


      Hi UncleRog

      If you could use the single socket, GPU acceleration folder please.


      It should go; EFI (partition) > EFI > BOOT / OC


      Put the bless app in the EFI partition also and run it from there. You should not have to swap folders/




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