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Mac Pro 2009 5,1 thunderbolt connectivity

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5 months, 2 weeks ago
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      I herd there’s a way to connect my Mac Pro 2009 5,1 to a thunderbolt 27” monitor using a gigabyte Titan ridge pci e card. What is the process to make this possible .

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      Hi..i would suggest you to upgrade to latest version. In my case i found that beyond the missing GPIO port/interface on the logic board, the EFI firmware would also need to initialize the hardware for the OS.No one has been able to add thunderbolt to an Intel x58 based system. Mac, PC or otherwise. Although I could be wrong.

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      Thunderbolt can now be added via the Titan_Ridge PCie add in card with custom firmware. If you connect the GPU to TB card via the displyport passthrough cable you can use a thunderbolt display. If using the apple version you would need the TB 3 to TB2 bi-directional adapter.

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