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17th February 2016

Deadpool Edited Using Adobe Premiere Pro: Process burned through 10 Mac Pro 6,1s

Mac Pro 6,1 burned out editing Deadpool Movie

In a continuing trend, it seems that large film productions are moving away from strictly editing using Avid Media Composer. Indeed, in recent months, a number of high profile releases have been revealed to have been edited completely using either Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X.
Now, we can add recent blockbuster smash Deadpool to the list. However, even more interesting than the app used to edit the movie is the systems. It has been disclosed by the Deadpool editorial that the movie was edited using Mac Pro 6,1 systems, which should look great for Apple. Great that is, apart from the fact that 10, yes 10, Mac Pro 6,1s burned out during the editing process. Check a tweet from Jason Bowdach, who was in attendance of the Q&A event in which this factoid was revealed:

You can find much more info on the Q&A session here.

17th February 2016

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