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Install more GPUs, SSDs, flash storage, sound cards & capture cards in your Mac Pro with a CUBIX PCI-e Xpander Elite

The strength of systems such as the Mac Pro 5,1 lies within their internal expansion potential. For a small number of users, however, 4 PCI-e ports just isn’t enough. This is where the CUBIX PCI-e Xpander steps in, converting one PCI-e x16 slot into four PCI-e x4 slots. This kind of PCI-e power will allow Mac Pro users to install up to 5 Nvidia GPUs or 6 AMD GPUs internally for unparalleled CUDA/OpenCL performance. If storage is your thing, how does a RAID comprising of four 2.5” SSDs or PCI-e flash blades sound?

It should be noted that some configurations of GPUs require certain OS X versions to run, don’t hesitate to call us on 01473 760275 or email us at if you have any questions.

Cubix Xpander Elite

To purchase a CUBIX Xpander Elite with custom GPUs, SSDs & more head over to our Configure Your Mac Pro page, alternatively call us on 01473 760275 or email

GPU Comparison

AMD ATI Radeon 5770 1GB
OpenCL Score: 375 CUDA Cores: 0
AMD R9 280X 3GB
OpenCL Score: 2401 CUDA Cores: 0
Nvidia GTX 780 3GB
OpenCL Score: 1346 CUDA Cores: 2304
Nvidia GTX TITAN Black 6GB
OpenCL Score: 1469 CUDA Cores: 2880
*OpenCL Score is LuxMark 2.0 Sala (medium) benchmark result

Comparing different brands, and even models of GPU isn’t easy. But the graph above should give you a rough idea of how our different GPU’s perform. OpenCL is a GPGPU acceleration protocol used by a wide variety of applications. It is supported by both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. CUDA is a GPGPU acceleration protocol which is again used by a wide variety of applications. The OpenCL benchmark score (LuxMark 2.0) will indicate how well the GPU performs in OpenCL accelerated applications. The amount of CUDA cores in a GPU will give you an idea of how well that GPU will perform in CUDA accelerated applications. For more information on CUDA and OpenCL as well as a list of which apps support each protocol, check out our article on the topic here.

SSD Comparison

Angelbird SSD wrk for Mac
Disk Write Speed MB/s: 450 Disk Read Speed MB/s: 500
Official Apple flash storage
Disk Write Speed MB/s: 975 Disk Read Speed MB/s: 1,100

Displayed above are the read and write speeds for our SSD options. Faster read speeds help when loading applications, booting your system and importing files in applications. Faster write speeds help when exporting/creating files and converting file types. Having a faster storage option will generally provide an all round boost to system performance. For more information on storage options, check out our article on the topic here.

Component Selection Guide


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Delivery Information

We aim to configure and ship most CUBIX PCI-E Xpanders within one working day but more complex systems may take up to 3 days. Please phone +44 (0)1473 760275 or email if you require an accurate delivery date estimate.

We ship to most locations in the EU free of charge, but for some specific locations there will be a charge of £120.00. For more information on the locations we deliver to please check our delivery page.

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