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11th December 2015

Craig Shimmon talks about the new Post Production Suite & Mac Pro at Suffolk New College: Create Profiles

Craig Shimmon from Suffolk New College talks about the new audio post production suite & new custom Mac Pro to Create Pro

Suffolk New College’s brand new Post Production Suite & Mac Pro: Craig Shimmon talks about the new setup & more

In the past we have showcased our most interesting clients & friends via transcribed Q&A blog posts, however, today we have the first of our video interviews. Hopefully this new format will provide our readers with an even deeper insight into some of our clients work & use of their Mac Pros.
First up is Craig Shimmon, Music Technology Course Leader at Suffolk New College. Craig kindly tells us about their brand new audio post production suite (featuring a Create Pro Mac Pro), the equipment the suite features, it’s usage, as well as the idea behind it.
Check out the video below:

We’d like to give a huge thanks to Craig for giving up his time to take part in this video interview, you can check out the Suffolk New College website here.
Create Pro would also like to thank ComΔtose, one of Craig’s students at Suffolk New College, who provided the music featured in the video, you can download the track for free here.

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