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Create Pro Client Testimonials

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Steve Mac

Steve Mac / Music Producer & DJ

“I totally depend on my computer and software, it’s the most important thing in my workflow, it needs to be quick. When you have ideas in your head, the last thing you want to be doing is messing around with the technical stuff.”

“I’m really happy with the system Create Pro have sold me and Richard has always been on the other end of the phone for advice etc., this is one of the reasons I’m doing this interview. I have recommended Create Pro to many of my friends now, and are all happy with what they have purchased.”

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Ali Staton

Ali Staton
Music Producer & EngineerCustom Mac Pro

“There’s nothing more irritating than a technical issue that distracts from the creative flow. The Mac Pro has allowed me to work without interruption and focus on the creativity.”

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David Philipp

David Philipp Sound DesignerCustom Mac Pro

“It’s pretty simple, I wouldn’t be able to do my work without my Mac Pro. A reliable workstation is as important as a good instrument, you can’t do anything without it.”

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Ollie Harries @ ManVsMachine / Motion DesignerCustom Mac Pro

“The latest Macs are great, but we prefer the value for money and flexibility of the Create Pro Macs. Create Pro Macs allow us to customise and upgrade our systems specifically for our needs. The popularity of Mac systems is definitely increasing,”

“Performance is extremely important, some of our more complex projects are very processor intensive. Without this power under the hood, we couldn’t even open some of our projects.”

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Man Vs Machine

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