Quick Update: Nvidia RTX 2080 boot screen in Mac Pro 5,1

We’ve had an interesting revelation in the workshop today. After a recent firmware update, the RTX series Nvidia cards have full EFI support on the Mac Pro 5,1.

If you update your system to at least your system will boot natively into macOS Mojave. Please note drivers are still not available.

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5 thoughts on “Quick Update: Nvidia RTX 2080 boot screen in Mac Pro 5,1

  1. Great! just wondering why AMD is still not developing EFI compatible firmwares updates since cards are already Metal capable in stock Osx Mojave… is it possible to have a card with both? 😀 Boot screen and hardware acceleration at the same time?

    1. If Apple is planning to have support for Nvidia’s graphics cards in the new “modular” Mac Pro then this is why we’re starting to see support. At least that’s our assumption.

    1. We’re going to order a 2070 shortly so we can have validity that all the cards provide a boot screen.
      The 2070 will be superior to an GTX 680 in every way. I’d estimate at least 200% faster.

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