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Steve Levine Interview

Roni Size Create Pro Interview

Steve Mac Create Pro Interview

ManvsMachine Motion Designer Ollie Harris Interview

Josh Butler Create Pro Interview

David Philipp Sound Architecture Create Pro Interview

Ali Staton Create Pro Interview

DJ Heist interview goldie music producing engineering mac pro

Create Pro Q&A Sessions: Interviews with audio, video, 3D, photography & graphic design professionals

At Create Pro, we get more than a few interesting clients, we deal mostly with audio & video professionals, so as you can imagine, the odd familiar face pops up from time to time. We also just deal with a lot of people who have great stories to tell.

With all this in mind, we thought why not do some Q&A sessions with some of our clients, famous or deserving to be, we’re sure you will enjoy reading the interviews, and we sure enjoy asking the questions!

We use the same format for each interview, 4 opening questions about the interviewee, their history, their work, their opinions, whatever we feel like really. We then close the interview with 6 questions related to the client’s new Mac Pro and how they use it.