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Angelbird SSD wrk for Mac drives in SATA and PCI-e configurations

Angelbird SSD wrk

for Mac




512GB 1TB 2TB
Price : £1045.00

Angelbird SSD wrk for Mac drives are professional class SSDs with native TRIM support. At Create Pro Angelbird drives are available in 512GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities, all available for installation on either PCI-E or SATA slots.

Angelbird SSD

Why choose an Angelbird SSD for your Mac?

Angelbird produces the only SSDs on the market with native TRIM support out of the box. TRIM functionality ensures that your SSD performs at it’s best, all of the time. Without TRIM SSDs can slow as you write more data to them, crippling their performance. There are workarounds for other drives but they don’t always work, especially in 10.10. With SSD wrk for Mac you’ll have one less thing to worry about as you will have native TRIM support out of the box.

Aside from native TRIM support, Angelbird SSDs boast incredibly fast read and write speeds, unparallelled reliability and are optimised for low power consumption.

For Create Pro the Angelbird wrk for Mac is our SSD of choice when building professional systems and we recommend them to all users who require an SSD storage solution.

  • Sustained read speed of up to 563 MB/s
  • Sustained write speed of up to 450 MB/s
  • Silicon Motion 2246EN controller
  • High quality anodised aluminium case
  • Optimised for low power consumption
  • Overload and static protection
  • Compatible with any Mac
  • Native TRIM support on Mac
  • Designed and built in Austria
To build a Mac Pro 5,1 system with an Angelbird SSD wrk for Mac pre-installed please visit out Configure your Mac Pro page.

Why professional Mac users choose Angelbird.

Angelbird SSD

Raimund Hepp
Composer / Producer

When I installed my first Angelbird SSD, immediately I knew why everyone says Angelbird is the real game changer.

Miklos Power
Composer / Producer

Angelbirds give me total confidence - the build quality, reliability and performance are second to none - Angelbirds are the best of the best, and that's why I use them - now I can forget about the machine and focus on the music
Angelbird SSD
Angelbird SSD

Herb Tucmandl
CEO - Vienna Symphonic Library

Brilliant! Cuts loading times into fractions of hard disks, low latency and CPU loads, easy installation.

Leonard Lindner
Producer / Director / Editor

It is essential that I am able to fully rely on my gear; I don’t compromise on quality.
Angelbird SSD
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