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29th June 2016

AMD R9 280X for Mac now Available: Great value OpenCL powerhouse for Final Cut Pro & Adobe Suite

AMD R9 280X for Mac Pro

We are happy to announce that we now have the AMD R9 280X 3GB GPU for Mac Pro back in stock. A firm favourite with Mac Pro users due to its solid OpenCL performance and great value, this card has been very hard to get hold of recently and this may well be our final ever batch.
Priced at just £245 (inc. VAT & delivery) the R9 280X is a huge step up from the standard ATI 5770 and 5870 GPUs, scoring a very strong 2,400 on the LuxMark Sala benchmark. The AMD R9 280X GPU is compatible with 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2012 Mac Pro systems.
For users of OpenCL powered applications, such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe CC Suite & Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, the AMD R9 280X for Mac Pro can be a low price way to supercharge GPGPU performance.
To purchase, head over to our Mac Pro page.
If you would like more information, just call us on 020 3770 9660, email us at or chat to us using our webchat feature.
Mac Pro 5,1 LuxMark Sala Score

29th June 2016

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  • Do these cards need to be flashed like the latest Nvidia cards do in order to get boot screen support on macOS? Also do they need additional drivers like the Nvidia cards or does macOS already have the drivers?

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