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About Create Pro

Create Pro is the leading provider of Bespoke customised Apple Mac Pro workstations in Europe. We are the highest ranked seller on eBay globally for Mac Pro sales.

Create Pro was born out of the idea of supplying the UK and Europe’s creative and professional markets with cutting edge, bespoke Apple Mac solutions.

Our foundations lay in 10 years of refurbishing, servicing and supporting the Mac platform for all types of users. We cater to audio professionals, post production professionals, 3D artists, photographers, graphic designers and even home users that prefer Mac systems.

We aid our clients in their pursuit of the best workstation for their applications, workflow & budget. Every Create Pro client is different, for this reason, so is every workstation we build.

Our unique approach to building Mac Pro 5,1 systems ensures that you get the system you really need, rather than a one size fits all solutions. All of our workstations are built from the ground up, CPUs, RAM, GPUs, HDDs, SSDs & PCI-e cards can be customised to fit your exact needs.

Aside from building custom Mac Pro workstations, Create Pro also offer processor board upgrades, are an official UK re-seller of Angelbird high-performance SSD drives & the CUBIX PCI-e Xpander chassis.

If you are a creative professional needing help with anything Mac, Create Pro are the only answer.

Why choose a Create Pro Mac Pro system?

Brand New Components

• All Create Pro systems are built from fully refurbished Mac Pro 5,1 (2010) chassis', all CPUs, RAM, HDDs, SSDs, GPUs (excluding AMD 5770 1GB) & PCI-e cards are brand new from the box and fully tested in your new Create Pro system.

Assembled and Stress Tested by Experts

• Our in-house Mac Pro technical experts assemble each system individually. One technician assembles, stress tests & approves one system. This is not a production line process, each system is bespoke and crafted in a way that represents that.

CPU Options

• Create Pro offers a wide variety of CPU options, suitable for all users. From the ultra powerful 3.46GHz 12 core specification (just 3% less powerful than the top spec Mac Pro 6,1, which starts at £5,699 for a basic system), to the great value and great performing 3.46GHz 6 core & 2.93GHz 12 core.

RAM Options

• As Create Pro use the X series of the Xeon processor, rather than the W, we can install more RAM than the original Apple Mac Pro 5,1 systems. Single processor systems (6 core specifications) can support up to 64GB RAM, with dual processor systems (12 core specifications) being able to handle up to 128GB RAM.

GPU Options

• Work in professional video, 3D rendering, scientific computing, graphic design or photography? We've got you covered. Our wide range of custom Mac Pro graphics cards cater to all users needs. From CUDA monsters such as the internally powered Nvidia GTX TITAN X 12GB, to strong all rounders like the Nvidia GTX 970 4GB, as well as pure OpenCL cards such as the AMD R9 280X 3GB. No matter your budget and applications of choice, Create Pro can ensure you get the optimum GPU for your needs in your Mac Pro system.

Storage Options

• Storage options have come a long way since 2010, and Create Pro Mac Pro systems fully represent that fact. Not only do we offer traditional HDDs with capacities of up to 6TB each, we are also official UK re-sellers of Angelbird SSDs. Angelbird wrk for Mac drives are optimised for Mac performance and even have native TRIM support, with read & write speeds of around 450MB/s when installed on a PCI-e card, these storage devices are blazing fast. For incredible speeds of around 1,000MB/s we can also install the same flash storage that is used in the Mac Pro 6,1. The only difference? We can install more than one blade, meaning higher capacity, as well as higher speeds when utilised in a RAID.

Other PCI-e options

• All that not enough for you? We also offer USB 3.0 cards, hardware RAID cards & more.