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2nd November 2015

Ableton Push 2 Now Available: Ableton Live 9.5 and new controller released

Ableton Push 2 & Ableton Live 9.5 Released

Today marks the release of Ableton’s latest Live controller, Push 2 (still ‘Push’ on the box). As well as this, Ableton treated us to the latest version of it’s software, Ableton Live 9.5.
The original Push was incredibly successful and changed the way that a large number of people made music, Push 2 looks to build on that success by improving & adding new features. The thing that will probably first jump out at you is the new full colour OLED display, giving more visual detail from the controller and saving you staring at the computer monitor.
For a great introduction to the new controller, check out this first look from Point Blank:

2nd November 2015

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