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30th July 2015

3.46GHz 12 Core Mac Pro CPU Upgrade Benchmarked: Pro Tools Expert try out a 2 x Intel Xeon X5690 Mac Pro system

Create Pro 12 Core 3.46GHz Mac Pro CPU upgrade benchmarked by pro tools expert

Our good friends at Pro Tools Expert recently put one of our 3.46GHz 6 core Intel Xeon X5690 CPU upgrades through it’s paces, the results were great and James has been really pleased with his system. We thought we would take it one step further, however, and have now upgraded James to a 3.46GHz 12 core system. In true Pro Tools Expert style, he put it through his signature benchmarking tests and the results were staggering to say the least.
Check the video below to see the full extent of the dual X5690 Mac Pro’s power:

As the video says, we’re also going to perform some more upgrades on James’ system, extra RAM, flash storage etc. We’ll be sure to benchmark those too.

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  • Hi Create Pro
    Hope everything going well. the same case as mine. I have just upgrade 2 X5690 6 core total 12 cores system with my mac pro MD771. But would like to check with you guy how is the temp while it working under fully cpu like rendering in C4D or editing in FCP. Mine temp is like almost 88-90 degree (Celsius) fan is 1115 rpm. But when adjust the fan to 3150 the temp will back to 70-75. is that normal? if so do I need to reset my fan in that value?
    Really appreciate with your help.
    Thanks a lot
    best regards

    • Hi Jimsun,
      This isn’t too crazy, the Xeon CPUs are built to handle high temperatures, I would recommend installing SMC fan control and setting your fans to max when rendering and as high as you can tolerate at all other times, if anything this will give you the best CPU performance.
      Hope that helps.

  • I’m going to run MacEFIRom’s firmware upgrade to MacPro5,1 on my dual 2.93MHz MacPro4,1.
    I need to know the exact name of the 6-core 5690 Xeon that is should use [x2].
    I’m not sure which 5690 to buy. I see lots of them out there, but some have slightly different ending numbers [SKU??].
    Can you help point me in the right direction?

  • Hi guys,
    I’m thinking of moving a 5,1 dual quad core to dual 5690.
    Apart from that, all my PCiE slots are full (GPU, miniSAS/RAID card, Blackmagic Video, 10GigE). I also want to have USB3. Short of buying a CUBIX expander can anyone offer any way to put a USB3 input on the box (possibly by using one of the SATA slots for disk drives via adaptor to USB3)?

  • Can I do this upgrade on a ’07 chassis? Miine came with the 3 GHZ Dual Core Intel Xeon 4 processor? Was really fast when I got it. I’m still running 10.8 and Pro Tools 9 because it works. But I’m ready to get faster.

  • Do I understand this correctly: I could upgrade my single CPU 2.66GHz quad core Mac Pro 2009 to a dual CPU 3.46Ghz 12 core? I have already updated my firmware to 5.1 (from 4.1).
    Do you supply the CPU daughterboard with fitted CPUs? Also, what is the cost?
    I like the idea of just slotting in the new daughterboard with CPUs already fitted.

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