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17th June 2015

2015 Apple Flash Storage in the Mac Pro 5,1: 1.5GB/s read & write speeds with capacities of up to 1TB per module, fastest Mac Pro storage solution & native TRIM support

2015 Apple Flash Storage in Mac Pro 5,1 1500MBs read and write speed

Achieve data read & write speeds of 1,500MB/s with the brand new 2015 Apple flash storage modules for the Mac Pro 5,1

We have been shipping official Apple flash storage modules in our Mac Pro systems for close to a year now. They are super fast, support TRIM natively and work flawlessly. What could possibly be better? Well, that would be the unexpected 2015 flash update that boosts read and write speeds by 50%, from 1GB/s to 1.5GB/s. If you need the fastest possible storage in the Mac Pro 5,1, this is the answer.
We are now stocking 2015 Apple flash storage modules in 256GB, 512GB & 1TB capacities, to enquire please email The 2015 modules will also be available shortly on our ‘Configure Your Mac Pro’ page.

Fastest flash storage for Mac Pro

Just like the previous generation of official Apple flash storage, these modules support TRIM natively. Ensuring that your drives do not slow down with heavy use. These drives are ideal for storing your OS, apps and working data as well as being used as scratch disks. Due to their high data read & write speeds and low latency, flash storage modules will allow your system to always perform at it’s best.

2015 Apple Flash Storage modules for the Mac Pro 5,1

Below is our screen grab from the speed test with the Mac Pro:
2015 Apple Flash Storage Speed Test
Just for fun, we also decided to get 4 1TB modules in a CUBIX PCI-e Xpander. It was fast to say the least, over 5GB/s fast. Check out the screen grab below:
4x 2015 Apple Flash Storage Speed Test

And here’s a few more pictures of the flash storage modules themselves for good measure:
2015 Apple Flash Storage for the 2010 Mac Pro
Create Pro offer 2015 Apple flash storage blades
Create Pro offer 2015 Apple flash storage blades with native TRIM

What other tech would you like to see us get into the Mac Pro 5,1?

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  • Really excited about someone offering this solution!
    Will it be possible to buy this card as a standalone purchase tho? I already have an older Mac Pro (3,1) and would LOVE to get native TRIM support, instead of buying a Samsung SM951 chip + PCIe card without it. Thanks!

  • Have that card with Apple PCI SSD in Magma Expressbox 1T connected via TB2 to MacPro 2013. It’s working perfectly, booting as internal drive. Speed test 1.2 GB write / 1.4 GB read. Just keep in mind one think, there are two kind of Apple 2013-2016 compatible SSD disks: slower (SSUAX) and faster (SSUBX). BX are 2x faster then AX. The card on eBay is about £5 with free delivery.

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