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Create Pro build Custom Mac Pro & HP Z840 Workstations for Audio, Video and Design Professionals

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  • EU leader in MacPro systems and upgrades
  • Complete bespoke MacPro's built from 2012 systems
  • UK onsite upgrades on your existing MacPro
  • Free worldwide shipping on complete systems
  • 3 year full support warranty
  • Over 3300 systems and upgrades completed
  • EU leader in Mac Pro systems and upgrades
    The largest provider of Mac Pro systems and upgrades in Europe
  • Complete bespoke Mac Pro's built from 2012 systems
    Fully customisable Apple workstations for the professional user
  • UK on-site upgrades on your existing Mac Pro
    Fully customisable Apple workstations for the professional user
  • Free worldwide shipping on complete systems
    No matter where you are we will ship a
    system to you
  • 3 year full support warranty
    All hardware fully covered and our in-house technical support team are on stand-by
  • Over 3300 systems and upgrades completed
    Have confidence when you buy, just ask one of our many customers
Create Pro are now offering the
HP Z840, configure now


Create Pro is the leading provider of bespoke Apple Mac Pro workstations in Europe. Our speciality is creating customised Mac Pro 5,1 systems, we choose to work with the Mac Pro 5,1 platform as it's room for internal expansion gives it unrivalled performance potential.

Our bespoke Mac Pros excel in a wide variety of applications. We build systems customised for pro audio, video editing, graphic design, photography, 3D rendering, scientific computing, home use and more. With over 10 years experience refurbishing, upgrading, supporting and servicing the Mac platform Create Pro are the industry leaders when it comes to satisfying Mac users' specific needs. Our Mac Pros are designed to deliver the best possible performance from the software that you work with for years to come.

You will be blown away by our Mac Pro customisation options. We work with technicians from all corners of the world to ensure that our 5,1 systems contain the most exciting tech the planet has to offer, injecting new lift into the classic Mac Pro tower model. Create Pro won't stop here though, we are already investigating how we can build new and original variations of the Mac Pro 6,1 with it's space saving design.

Why not start from one of our pre specified base models and then customise it to fit your exact needs, or if you like, start from scratch and build a system that is completely unique to yourself and your requirements. With Create Pro you can specify each and every component in your bespoke Mac Pro 5,1, from the CPU and GPU to storage, RAM and beyond, our options also extend to custom external hardware such as Audio I/O, video capture and external storage.

All our Mac Pro 5,1's include free shipping to the UK and Europe as well as a 12 month return to base warranty. Our technical experts are always on hand to assist you via phone or email should you have any questions or issues concerning your Mac Pro, we pride ourselves in helping our clients get the most from their bespoke systems.

Should you have any queries or require any assistance please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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